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Judging Criteria

A panel of distinguished parallel computing experts from academia and industry will read and judge all modules. Modules within a category will only be compared against other modules in the same category (e.g. Parallel Architecture modules will not be compared to Parallel Software Tools modules). The primary judging criteria will be

  1. Appropriateness: The module should be relevant to the category in which it is entered, as well as to parallel computing generally. Its topic should be considered of some importance in the field, though it need not be “the” central concept.

  2. Correctness: The module should be technically accurate and cite external references where appropriate. Where there is controversy in a field, it may take a particular stand. However, it should note where there are significant differences with other sources.

  3. Clarity: The module should be easy for a learner to understand. Where appropriate, it should note any prerequisite knowledge. A module may target any audience from elementary school to graduate student.

  4. Presentation: The module should make good use of formatting and auxiliary files. It need not use every feature of Connexions (e.g. bibliographies, graphics support, equations), but where a feature is used it should be attractive (e.g. clearly legible figures). Creative use of multimedia enhancements of the material is encouraged.

Authors will receive feedback from the judges in the same spirit as any OER module would receive.





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